Because how you make change matters.


Insightful advice and simple, practical tools to make your change a success.

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Making a change?


Are you implementing a new system, developing new capabilities, or changing your ways of working?

Are you worried your change or transformation may not be set up for success?

Do you want practical and cost-effective change management support without the headcount?

change management for government, health and large organisations

Research has found …

93% of organisations that applied ‘excellent’ change management met or exceeded project objectives.

Organisations that had ‘poor’ change management met or exceeded project objectives only 15% of the time.

© Prosci 2020 Benchmarking Data
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When you make change successfully …


Your people

feel valued and you build loyalty, capability and agility. They will be more productive and can focus on contributing their best (fear and uncertainty around change is incredibly counterproductive).


Your customers

have easy access to high quality services and have a positive experience with happy people and seamless processes (poorly managed change can negatively impact customers).

bottom line

Your bottom line

reflects the benefits and return on investment you set out to achieve. Risk and disruption is minimised. Your organisation is better positioned to deliver on its purpose and vision.


… you build a culture where innovation is second nature.

Make your change a success with ChangeEffect.


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Carly Marriner
Director and Principal Consultant.

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Insightful advice and simple, practical tools.


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Make your change a success

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Build that capability. Realise those benefits.


“Insightful understanding … outcome and end user focus”

“We engaged ChangeEffect to support the development of a business case and the required change management work for our purchasing support centre. The ‘hands-on’ experience brought an insightful understanding of the stakeholder environment and building on the case for change. This was instrumental in the design and approval of the business case.

The outstanding professionalism, with outcome and end user focus, provided by Carly and ChangeEffect were greatly appreciated by me, personally, and my team.”

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Phil Chalkley, Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Justice and Community Safety

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Because how you make change matters.

It matters to your people, it matters to your customers, and it matters to your bottom line.

And it matters to us.

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